Frank Tropea was born to a middle-class Italian family in Brockton, MA in 1949. A twin brother died six months after their birth; he always wondered what if he’d lived. He was blessed later with other siblings, though.

After graduating from high school in 1967, he went into the Navy, which he found to be a very sobering experience. He always loved reading and literature, though. Following his discharge from the Army, he went to college to pursue a BA in Literature and Psychology.

Frank then found a job in Boston and lived there too. After being laid off from his job and going through some difficult years in life, he was hired by a courthouse, thus becoming a state employee. He’ll always be grateful for that.

He later received an MA in Literature and Psychology from Harvard. He also joined Mensa and then Intertel.

Frank always loved writing poetry and later books. He is an avid reader of the paranormal genre. His beliefs and probing of the paranormal enabled him to write Go Ask the Dead.

He treasures his cats, his friends, his family, and all his nieces and nephews and, now, great-nephews and nieces whom he is proud to say he spoils them rotten. At home, he plays with the cats, write and then curls up with a good book.