A mother’s love to her daughter is the primordial issue in Frank Tropea’s thriller Go Ask the Dead. Mandy, the main character in the novel, never felt love from her mother, though she experienced a motherly love from her nanny Delia. Yet, a mother’s love should be the most powerful force on earth as she was the one who gave birth to her daughter.

Being a mother seems fun but the tasks that come with it may be daunting. Ask any mother and each has her own share of gripe. But these moms seem to have a unified conclusion: being a mother has perks and rewards where they cannot be discovered anywhere. So, it’s best to cherish a loving relationship with your daughter, whether her inception was expected or unwanted. Better start it while she is still young.

So, what are the urgings in order to start and maintain a loving relationship with your daughter? The following pointers may help you with that.

  1. Initiate.

Love will not succeed unless you initiate. No other person will do that for you. As a mother, only you can show that love she needs to feel. Don’t wait for the time she will say to you when she grows up and say, “Mom, how come you didn’t love me first?” Now is the best time to act on it. Imagine how you feel in that relationship and what you can act upon to transform it.

2. Communicate.

Nobody is a mind-reader, so it’s better to talk to your daughter and ask how she is or how she feels that day. As you maintain constant communication, your daughter will feel at ease talking to you. At times where mobile technology is quickly evolving, encourage communicating in person or at least calling through phone. Sending a mere text message or using chat apps defeats the real essence of communication, and it disconnects your daughter from bonding. So, talking in person creates an inclusive atmosphere and releases whatever discomfort your daughter has.

3. Learn.

Discover what your daughter’s talents are or what activities she is interested in. Then, invest in it with her. This is a splendid way to bond with her. Who knows she might have similar interests as you have. Once you learn how your daughter goes about, you will know to respond to her needs and give her the support that she wants. Learning does not only let you acquire knowledge but also improve that skill where no one can teach you. Just be patient, learning may take time.

4. Relate.

Now that you’ve communicated well with your daughter and discovered her talents and hobbies, it’s time to have a connection with her. Perhaps she may be facing a rough day at school or she couldn’t keep up with the pace at her dance class. Maybe her literature professor wasn’t satisfied with her essay and she felt threatened she couldn’t take a chance to make up with it. This will be your opportunity as your mother to cheer her up and assure that everything will be fine. You can also tell your daughter if you can help her polish her tasks. In that way, your daughter will see that she is taken care of by you and your actions will create a lasting impression to her. Creating a positive relationship with your daughter gives peace of mind to both of you.

5. Teach.

Find a time to bond with your daughter and share your wisdom and pieces of advice. Apart from teaching her to wash the dishes and fold the laundry which are also important, it is also best to teach her ideas that she can bring for the rest of her life. Ideas such as school, faith, honesty, perseverance and even career aspirations are some of the topics that you can talk to her. Groom her with as much knowledge and wisdom you have and she will admire your view when she is out of the house.

A mother’s love is unconditional, irreplaceable and eternal. It nourishes her children and enhances their self-confidence. No one can stop you from loving your daughter and only you can sustain it.

Image by Анастасия Гепп from Pixabay